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The book Vasaorden /33

"Vasaorden is a glimpse, one of the loveliest, not altogether authentic, but the only one seaworthy from the City on the waters of Elias Martin, of Bellman and of af Chapman, a city that still lives on and is loved in pictures and poems, but only partly remains in reality".

Each time this unique rowing vessel is brought out and appears on the waters of Stockholm, all the spectators experience a feeling of pride.

This book illustrates one of the most elegant naval traditions in Sweden, that finds its expression in Vasaorden. She is compared with other preserved
Ceremonial Barges around the world.

The book is richly illustrated with photos, drawings, maps and sketches in colour and in black and white, English text.

Foreword by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf.

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ISBN 91 970 700 92

The book ISBRYTARE /37

English Section with a Summary, an international outlook and Icebreakers around the world.

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Videotape Attack at sea /13
VHS/PAL. In English.

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The book Pansarskepp /40
Swedish armoured wessels

Summary in English:

From John Ericsson
to Gustaf V

An anthology about the Swedish Monitors and Coastal Armoured Defence Ships.
Summary in English.

Armoured vessels From John Ericsson to Gustaf V The armoured era of the Swedish Navy lasted for almost 100 years. It started with the monitor John Ericsson launched in 1865. Altogether 13 monitors were built during a period of 10 years. The next step in development began with the armoured ship Svea that sailed for the first time in 1886. The era was to comprise 15 ships. The last batch were Sverige, Drottning Victoria and Gustaf V. As a result of a nation wide armoured ship fund raising drive, Sverige, at a very ceremonious event was launched in Gothenburg in 1915. These ships, which were the backbone of the Swedish fleet during the Second World War, became a power factor, much respected in the surrounding world, and may have contributed to Sweden managing to keep outside the war. In 1954 Drottning Victoria made her last own-propulsion voyage. Oscar II was the last ship to be broken up in 1974. The aim has been to create a comprehensive work on the 29 ships, which constituted the armoured ship era of the Swedish Navy. The book contains 350 coloured, and black and white, illustrations and drawings. The monitor Sölve, now a museum ship, is unique, and can be visited at the Gothenburg Maritime Centre.

Production tale in 2001, September.

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ISBN 91-973075-0-5

Boken om Fredrik Henrik af Chapman
Författad av Daniel G Harris
Ange engelsk version i din beställning.
Finns både på svenska och engelska.

Den förste skeppsbyggnadsarkitekten och
hans verk.
Författaren till Architectura Navalis Mercatoria.
Byggde 10 linjeskepp och 10 fregatter på 3 år
- ett svårslaget rekord

Inbunden, 21x27 cm, 256 sidor,
rikt illustrerad med 177 bilder,
ritningar och skisser.





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